Many years ago, a cute Amer-Asian girl needed some new photos and pursuant to that desire, asked me "Billy! Are you a photographer - or do you just take pictures?" to which I gave her what I thought was the perfect answer: "I take pictures - but I just might get the money-making shot the pro will miss."

The state of Korean photography in the escort business is actually quite good. Too good, in fact. What happens is that guys arrive to be disappointed that the advertised image is of the actual girl...but the actual girl doesn't look nearly as good as her photo. So what's the point of producing a shot so superior that it almost serves as the old bait and switch?

That's where I come in. I know not to overdo it. Yes, I'll shave a pound or two here - and add an inch or two there...but when you arrive, the old "what you see is what you get" will more or less be in full effect. Truth in advertising is an important concept in not just the mainstream - but in the escort netherworld as well.

So if you don't want to drop a fortune for pics, and you do want some images that will turn the trick (so to speak), send an email to and we'll talk. I know how to bring the boys to the yard.

To the right you will see examples of my skills (such as they are). I will come to your place in Manhattan...take 25 to 50 shots...choose the best 3...hook them up photoshopwise...and forward them to you for a mere $100. And I can be in and out of your spot in 30 minutes or less. 

And bear in mind, guys...I can do this for your girlfriend or significant other as well. Women love to vogue for the camera (at least attractive ones generally do). And then when I make them look good, you'll get the credit - for a measly 100 bucks. What's not to like in that deal?